Tzahi Tamam

QA Engineer - Front End Web Developer

About me

QA Engineer

Knowledge of Web UI technologies including REST APIs, HTML5, HTTP, Web Application frameworks and JSON data transform.

Automation QA Engineer

Developing web and mobile test automation using selenium, JAVA, cypress and JavaScript.

Full Stack

Experienced in JavaScript vanilla, Bootstrap, Jquery, MySQL, MongoDB, etc.

My Portfolio

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JS, Bootstrap and JQuery

A QA testing site, that can: Manage cart, Send events, Render campaigns and match more...

Selenium Automation

A JAVA automation test, based on selenium, that runs an E2E on BuyMe site.

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ToDO List Chrome Extension

The todo list contain all of the tasks that you need to complete.

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Search and sort from DB.

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Cypress Automation

An E2E test, based on JavaScript and Cypress.

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